1985 Born, Bethpage, NY

Lives and works in Philadelphia, PA



B.F.A., Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD



Imagine a World Without You, JTT, New York, NY


Spiritual Door, Spazio Veda, Florence, IT

Red Roses for a Blue Lady, JTT, New York, NY


Windows in Progress, JTT, New York, NY


Drawn in Two Directions, Gentili Apri, Berlin, DE

Presented as the Problem, Project Gentili, Prato, IT



Damon Zucconi: Multiple, First Look: New Art Online, New Museum, New York, NY


Contributor to Nasty Nets



When it Comes to Certain Rooms, The Van Doesburg House Foundation, Meudon, Paris, FR

WORD PLAY, Bonnier Gallery, Miami, FL


The Artist is Present, Yuz Museum, Shanghai, CN. Curated by Maurizio Cattelan.

Ever, Shimmer, Rotterdam, NL


Why Patterns?, Vleeshal Center for Contemporary Art, Middelburg, NL

Shifting Optics IV, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam, NL


How to look at art from China, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht, NL

Silver Mill, Kodomo, New York, NY


89plus: FILTER BUBBLE, Westbau, Zurich, CH, Co-curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist

Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehé, Andrea Rosen Gallery 2, New York, NY, US. Curated by Timur Si-Qin

Open Call: Web-Based Art, Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, FL

Glass: Engine of Progress, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL

Edit/Undo, Space In Between, London, UK


Snow/Crystal, Steamboat Springs Arts Council, Steamboat Springs, CO. Curated by Park Myers

Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship, Higher Pictures, New York, NY

Partially Buried, JTT, New York, NY

Audiovisual Exhibition, Museu da Republica, Rio de Janeiro, BR. Presented by Elo Participativo da Bocaina


Form Less Painting, Andrew Roth, New York, NY. in collaboration with Karin Schneider

Possession, The Art Foundation, Athens, GR

IF NOT NOW TV, Royal College of Art, London, UK

The Fifth Age of Glass, Et Al Projects, New York, NY. Curated by DADDY

Caves $ Latops, Mother Neff S.P, Moody, TX. Curated by Nate Hitchcock, Dain Oh and Jordan Rhoat

Time Space Causality, TNT Post, Bari, IT. Curated by Cinzia Cagnetta & Giuseppe Pinto


Full / Operational / Toolbox, M21, Athens, GR. curated by KERNEL

One Hour Photo, American University Museum, Washington, DC

Multiplex, Peer to Space, Munich, DE. curated by VVORK

Whole Earth Catalogue, Neoncampobase, Bologna, IT.
curated by Domenico Quaranta

Enchanted, School of Development, Berlin, DE. Curated by Juliette Bonneviot

The Silence of God, The Unbearable Silence of God, Reference, Richmond, VA

Superficial, Cleopatra’s, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Jasmin Tsou

Bidoun Video Program, Art Dubai, Dubai, AE

BYOB, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York, NY. Organized by Rafael Rozendaal

Translation as a Structuring Principle: If A Then B, Gentili Apri, Berlin, DE. Organized and curated by If A Then B

Liberty B, Open Space, Baltimore, MD. Curated by Hayley Silverman

Post Internet Survival Guide, Gentili Apri, Berlin, DE. Organized by The Future Gallery


Moving Shapes and Colors, 179 Canal Street, New York, NY. Curated by Brian Droitcour

Dissociations, Clubinternet.org. Online. Curated by Harm van den Dorpel

Reverse Engineering, Capricious Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

mybiennialisbetterthanyours.com. Online. Curated by Tolga Taluy

Expanded Painting 3, Hyperlucid; Prague Biennale 4, Karlin Hall, Prague, CZ. Curated by Domenico Quaranta

endless pot of gold cd-rs, Sundance Film Festival, Salt Lake City, UT. with Nasty Nets

Just Add Water, de Soto Gallery, Culver City, LA. Curated by Pascual Sisto


Graphics Interchange Format, Bond Street Gallery, New York, NY. Curated by Laurel Ptak for Young Curators, New Ideas

Build a Fire, Plexus Contemporary, Louisville, KY. Curated by Ilia Ovechkin

Pole Shift, Project Gentili, Berlin, DE

Free Fall, Clubinternet.org, Online. Curated by Harm van den Dorpel

Activities in time and space, Viafarini, Milan, IT. Curated by Chiara Agnello and This is a Magazine

Oracle, Clubinternet.org, Online. Curated by Harm van den Dorpel

Pole Shift, Project Gentili, Prato, IT

Forms of Melancholy, Sego Art Center, Provo, UT. Curated by Chris Coy

Absolute Video, Why + Wherefore; Monkeytown, Online. Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Hanne Mugaas for ‘This One Goes Up To 11’

First Selection, Clubinternet.org, Online. Curated by Harm van den Dorpel

Nasty As U Wanna Be, New York Underground Film Festival, New York, NY. with Nasty Nets


Thesis Exhibition 2007, MICA, Baltimore, MD

Antagonism, Hacks, and Hoaxes, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD

Bad Beuys Entertainment, Boling, Bruno, Chisa, collectif_fact, Grubanov, Matsoukis, Mirza, Prévieux, Rungjang, Tkacova, Zucconi, Galerie West, The Hague, NL. Curated by VVORK

Value, Aduplex, Geneva, CH


Something New, London, UK. Curated by Nicolas Roope & Nikola Tosic


PLAN VIEW SITE, Villa Julie, Stevenson, MD

The Other - AIAS: Technocultures in Art, MICA, Baltimore, MD



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