1986 Born, Philadelphia, PA

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY



B.F.A., New York University, New York, NY



Hey, You're Part Of It, JTT, New York, NY


No Hanging Out, Tanya Leighton, Berlin, DE

Sadie Coles HQ, London, UK

Town Crier, American Medium, Brooklyn, NY


All Dogs Are Pets, JTT, New York, NY


Jeff Cold Beer, JTT, New York, NY


Borna Sammak: Best Buy, Best Buy, New York, NY. curated by Thomas McDonell



Pockets For Losers, East Hampton Shed, East Hampton, NY


As Is Wet Hoagie, Oko, New York, NY with Alex Da Corte


2007 - 2015-ish

Double Happiness with Bennet Williamson, Jeff Sisson and Eric Laska



Mad World, Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

'Nothing Will Be As Before' - Ten Years of Tanya Leighton, Tanya Leighton, Berlin, DE

Pine Barrens, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, NY

Nudes, Sadie Coles HQ, London, UK


ABSTRACT / NOT ABSTRACT, Gagosian, Moore Building, Miami Design District, Miami, FL

The Age of Ambiguity, Vito Schnabel Gallery, St. Moritz, CH

Divided States of America, The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, New York, NY


Shut Up and Paint, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, AU

OVERPOP, Yuz Museum, Shanghai, CH. Curated by Jeffrey Deitch and Karen Smith

Young Adult, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY

Halftime in America, Arturo Bandini, Los Angeles, CA

Speed Show LA, IPC Bang Internet Cafe, Los Angeles, CA


The World is Made of Stories, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, NO

The Now Forever, Basilica Hudson, Hudson, NY. Curated by Michael St. John

Reagan Babies, Ms Barbers, Los Angeles, CA

The Rainbow Serpent, Gagosian Gallery, Athens, GR

Transmission Legacies of the Television Age, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, AU

Crunchy, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, NY. Organized by Clayton Press and Gregory Linn.

Eagles II, Galería Marlborough, Madrid, ES


Michael St. John, Borna Sammak, Martha Rosler, Andrea Rosen, New York, NY


MODE, Foxy Production, New York, NY

DSM-V, The Future Moynihan Station, New York, NY. curated by David Rimanelli, presented by Vito Schnabel

Why is Everything the Same?, Shoot the Lobster, New York, NY. works from the Collection of Anne Collier and Matthew Higgs

Ivory Tower, Fjord, Philadelphia, PA. curated by Kaitlynd O'Doherty and Sarah Pater

Dead Zone, Nudashank, Baltimore, MD

Analogital, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, UT


Pop-Up Shop, Strange Loop Gallery, New York, NY

Style is the Tailor, American Medium, New York, NY

Ugly Broke Sober, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York, NY. curated by Adam Sherman and Kathleen Cullen

Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship, Higher Pictures, New York, NY. organized by Artie Vierkant & Higher Pictures

B-Out, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY. curated by Scott Hugg

Bulletin Boards,Venus Over Manhattan, New York, NY. curated by Matthew Higgs

Textual Attraction, Mary Ryan Gallery, New York, NY


Borna Sammak, Fourth Wall, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

Distributed Collectives, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA


Black Mondays: Good Visions, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York, NY. curated by Thomas McDonell

Short Term Deviation, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY. curated by Jie Liang Lin

Troll, envoy enterprises, New York, NY. curated by ctrl + w33d


Black Mondays, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York, NY. curated by Thomas McDonell

Paws with Claws II, Video Gallery, Brooklyn, NY DH

A Dry Run, Charlie Horse Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. curated by Catharine Ahearn


New Blood, vertextlist, Brooklyn, NY DH


Laugh Now Cry Later, Island 6 Art Center, Shanghai, CN


Kamp K48, John Connelly Presents, New York, NY. curated by Scott Hug



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