Robin Graubard
July 1 - August 3, 2015


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2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle

Artist's Timeline:

Born 1950’s:

  • piano recital
  • hit by car while walking home from school – broke leg - in hospital for 3 months
  • saw film – “the boy with the green hair” many times played violin
  • won nationwide drawing contest – drawing published in newspapers throughout country
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle


  • got comp ticket to first Beatles concert at Shea Stadium by writing to concert promoter – made way to front row – screamed throughout concert with camera in hand – didn’t take pictures
  • Wrote – “1. Live on a farm self sufficiently & paint & make things and read” – wrote short play about characters living in a “mad forest”
  • Saw film West Side Story about 7 times
  • School - Harrison, NY, ran away from home, transferred to boarding school in Darien, Connecticut, ran away from school
  • At 16 – Hippie Runaway – lived in communes in East Village with boyfriend Michael Edwards a draft dodger from Sunnyvale, California photographed by Life magazine – Larry Clark said he may have been person who was the photographer – tried to borrow camera
  • Life was art – flower child - road trip cross country – hitchhiked and shared rides – lived in commune in Boulder Colorado mountains
  • San Francisco -- psychedelic gypsy life - Incredible string band transferred to high school in New York City – met Cathy Burrill who transferred from Spence (she eventually moved to Hawaii) – met David Johansen who later formed the band The New York Dolls -- be ins and concerts in Central Park – Jefferson Airplane, and others, The Eatery, Diggers, The Fillmore East, bikers, Jimi Hendrix, Buffalo Springfield, Donovan, Joni Mitchell, Living Theater, Robert Wilson play rehearsal moved to New Hampshire for school – met friend John Cronin II who lived in log cabin with wood burning stove (he’s now a lawyer in NH) – Allman Brothers concert at school - met Richard Brautigan at party
  • did painting, drawing, made jewelry, writing, literature
  • during intersession from college in New Hampshire – went to the island of St. John – stayed in tent with man hiding out as he and his wife who was daughter of Bank of America executive had robbed the Bank of America and were on the run
  • Cathy Hartford – Huntington Hartford’s daughter was staying in same tent – she told me stories of her father and his girlfriends
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle


  • Lived with artist boyfriend in Paradise Alley on 11th Street and Ave A – got day job in office
  • left boyfriend and job and hitchhiked around Europe – Stedelijk Museum great – Amsterdam
  • Took photographs in Scotland on the Isle of Skye
  • Studied dance at Merce Cunningham
  • Accepted at NYU film school – wanted to make film about my life in the 1960’s - writing classes, literature, film production
  • Filmed Ramones and Talking Heads at Max’s Kansas City – first color film made of them – then worked as waitress at Max’s to pay bills
  • Made tv show with Richard Hell, Legs McNeil and Danny Fields – show didn’t air
  • Graduated from NYU – worked for rock ‘n roll agents and literary agents
  • Studied dance at Alvin Ailey
  • Friends with Thurston Moore until I left for Jamaica – lived in Jamaica, West Indies for a few months – Nancy - took photographs
  • Friends with Scott Piering until he moved to London to work for Rough Trade Records and became manager of the the band The Smiths
  • Moved back to NYC and got day job working for the Chairman of the Board of Lehman Brothers – learned early word processing technology
  • felt overworked and underpaid – created story of Cinderella in pictures enlisting a temp working in the office
  • took some photographs for Lehman Brothers that I wish I had
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle


  • teaching assistant at ICP
  • Photographer for East Village Eye and New York Rocker with Lance Loud – very few photographs were shown in art galleries at that time
  • Photographed subculture around CBGB’s slam dance scene – focused on a girl band named Scab, Cro Mags and others
  • Interest in photographing John Gotti and the Mafia – New York City newspapers and agents were interested in the photographs so I got reinvented as a editorial photographer
  • Staff photographer at New York Post and Daily News – photographs published in Newsweek, The New York Times and other publications
  • won some awards for work
  • took vacation and went to South Africa before the Apartheid ban was lifted – photographed in townships and around the country – went to rally in Pretoria where Nelson Mandela was speaking – photographed him there
  • went running - Montserrat
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle


  • strike at NY Post – I bought a ticket to Sarajevo after meeting a group of women in a U.N. park talking about how no one was covering the war there – got credentials from Newsweek
  • stopped in Prague on way to Yugoslavia and decided to set up a base there
  • worked in Eastern Europe including Albania, Kosovo, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and other places
  • photographed war in Yugoslavia, oil smuggling in Rumania, runaways and orphans living in train station tunnels, a school for girls and other projects – worked a lot with a German/French writer who was a count
  • Traveled in Asia – India, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia – worked on assignment for The New York Times in India for John Burns
  • Back to New York – health trauma and recovery
  • Created work titled The Doll Hospital – box of 5x7 black and white images – had show at Anthology Film Archives titled The Doll Hospital with some of the work
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle


  • Recovery
  • swimming
  • work shown at Participant Inc, White Columns and other galleries in New York and internationally
  • learned friends Cathy Burrill, Scott and Nancy passed away
  • travel to Mexico, California- L.A. and Silicon Valley
  • started shooting digital
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle
2015.07 Robin Graubard : jungle


  • 2013 mom who I loved dearly passed away
  • day job, black and white analog printing, art shows
  • met Chris from France – writing a Ph.D on LSD research
  • introduced him to some people in NY and he conducted a long interview with me for his research
  • Ramones clip used in video promotion for Iphone 6
  • working out and dance
  • Show at JTT
  • “The sun the moon the stars are eternal you and I are not”